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120 Letters -- Romance/Adventure
Appx. 300 pgs - Paperback: $14.95
Internet E-Book: $4.95

This is the story of two young beginning reporters trying to survive in 1959. Together, they fight heroically, wade into the murky waters of widespread official fraud, corruption, murder, and engage in a new war against domestic abuse and violence!

The Naughty Rooming House - Audaciously saucy and naughty story for ADULTS only.
Appx. 110 pages - Paperback: $8.95
Internet E-Book: $2.99

Six women and one very amply endowed man frolic in a rooming house. George W. Melandorph, an accountant, is small in stature, but has an extraordinary gift. He runs from job to job to escape women hounding him for his male “equipment”.
The Family Unrelated - 5 Complete Stories! Action/Romance/Adventure
Appx. 250 pages - Paperback: $15.95
Internet E-Book: $2.99

Included in this volume are: "Trickster", "Music Maestro", "Quiet One", "Limelight", and "Cup O' Music". All 5 stories feature graduates from the same high school facing the adventures of life after high school. (See descriptions on catalog page for each story.)
Defining Heroes -- 4 Complete Stories! Action/Romance/Adventure
Appx. 322 pages - Paperback: $14.95
Internet E-Book: $2.99

Four Cop Stories in one volume, including: "Black Till Daylight", "Old Man, Cop", "Josh Jones, An Unwilling Hero" and "Deputy's Neighbor". Inspired by real events, follow police officers in life threatening situations, or a young crime beat reporter facing exciting events. (See descriptions on catalog page for each story.)
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