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120 Letters - A New Novel by D. C. 'Dan' Lee. Paid assassins attack their home! This is the story of two people, committed to one another, who find strength in each other and through their faith. Together, their mutual devotion leads them determinedly against domestic violence, and into the murky waters of official fraud, corruption and murder.

The Family Unrelated Collection - Includes the five novellas listed below in a single volume.
Paperback and E-Book

[NOTE: Stories are available only as part of the collection and are not available or sold separately.]
Defining Heroes Collection -- Includes the four novellas below.
Gripping cop and crime stories with plenty of romance.
Paperback and E-Book

[NOTE: Stories are available only as part of the collection and are not available or sold separately.]
The Trickster --

What happens to relationships between close friends, and the changes in all their lives that can be the result of simply graduating from high school, and in “pranks”, that stretch the envelope of legality? Adventure and Young Romance.
Music Maestro --

A reunion of 1955 high school graduates finds them intensely involved in establishing a non-profit performing arts foundation in a community that refuses to allow a budget for school music. The poignant finale may leave you emotionally drained. Romance.
Quiet One --

Carlie Carmichael becomes a major city investigative reporter with a knack for ferreting out municipal fraud. There were some surprising twists in Carmichael’s love life, too, as he moves about the very dangerous world of what could be major mob crime. Crime Adventure and Romance.
Limelight --

There was no witness protection program in the late 1950’s, but there were those who certainly needed protection. “Limelight” is the story about just such a situation. It is also the story of performing arts and efforts to bring music and the theatre to a community. Plenty of action and romance in “Limelight”. Adventure and Romance.
Deputy's Neighbor -- New!

A gripping cop story about a deputy sheriff who is tormented by a nightmare, and targeted by a gang of burglars. Plenty of action, adventure and romance in this new novella
Cup O' Music --

An uplifting story of a challenged, mysterious, young man who connects hearts through music. In “Cup O’ Music”, music plays the major role in bringing a traumatized young man back into our world of reality, although, as the world rapidly changes, some may say he was better off left alone. Life and Romance.
Black Till Daylight --

A chilling story tracing an horrendous New Year’s Eve night for a police officer, his friends, and colleagues. Wounded by an assailant’s bullet, thrown from his crashing patrol car, the officer works to survive. Adventure and Romance.
Old Man, Cop --

A small Southern Illinois farming community police department faces gunmen bent on killing vacation Bible School children in a church?... Officers face the dreaded “domestic disturbance” call?… and, faces a deadly game of cat and mouse with a deadly sniper? Romance and Adventure.
An Unwilling Hero --

Chronicles the late 50’s adventures, romance, and tribulations of an unwilling American hero journalist whose pride and joy was a 1952 Ford coupe. The pages are filled with gunfights, finding true love, romance, and a delightful ending. Adventure and Romance.
The Naughty Rooming House -- Adults Only
Paperback and E-Book

A sassy, naughty story. The story of a well-endowed young man seeking to escape the affection of too many women in his life. Tastefully delivered scenes with very little profanity.

Age 6 -- [For age 10 and up]

The short story of an outgoing six-year-old, who was pursued by foreign spies while on vacation with an elderly substitute grandfather. His weapon…a slingshot.
Children’s Adventure.

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